Introduction to Oil Well Drilling - book
Introduction to Oil Well Drilling – book

Petroleum or Oil affects all of us in some way or other. It has pervaded all aspects of our life and mankind has become so dependent on oil. Fuel, heating, power generation, chemicals and plastics are all in some way or the other related to petroleum. Oil and gas are also basic components of fertilizers on which modern agriculture is so dependent.

All modern transportation is dependent on oil. Yet the common man knows very little about the origin of this petroleum – its generation, discovery and its exploitation from the depths of the earth and how it is finally refined and used as a fuel.

This book contains a wealth of information on petroleum exploration and drilling. It covers the various aspects of oil well drilling in a very detailed, lucid and simple manner. The book also covers the most vital aspects and processes used by the multifaceted petroleum industry in its quest for oil. The book is written in an easy to understand non-technical language. A glossary containing over 200 terms is also included.

The book will benefit a wide variety of people – a layman interested in knowing more about petroleum exploration, a student seeking to make a career in the oil industry or a fresh entrant to the petroleum field. It will also be a useful introduction to petroleum exploration for professionals from the downstream sectors of petroleum refining and marketing. To those already working in the industry, this book will be a good tool to educate their family and friends about the exciting world of oil exploration and drilling.


About the Author

Nv - circle 2Natraj Vaddadi has nearly 30 years of professional experience spanning diverse portfolios for large multinationals across petroleum, automobile and the ITES industries. He has over 25 years of experience in training – technical, commercial, professional as well as in leadership Skills. He is also a Certified Professional Coach in the areas of Life, Leadership & Executive Coaching.

He is also an adjunct faculty for postgraduate courses in Drilling engineering and Production Operations at Wadia College (University of Pune). Besides this, his other interest is in the areas of individual and organizational performance improvement.